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Links to Map and Google Earth

As a new feature since August 2006, the following two links show up next to some of the photos:

I think the first link is easy to understand. It opens a small new window showing the location where the photo has been taken on a map.

The second link returns a file with the file extension kml. This file is only interesting for those of us using Google Earth. Google Earth is a free earth atlas. But it doesn't just show ordinary maps, in contrast, it shows high quality satellite photos for the whole world.

The file offered for download contains a so called placemark. You can open this file in Google Earth (Open -> File...) to move the camera on your virtual globus to the location and to zoom in. If you click on the placemark a window will come up containing a small description and the photo also provided on this page.

There are not placemarks for all photos on this page. That's why the two links do not show up on each page. You can also download a file for Google Earth containing all placemarks provided on this page.

I hope you enjoy exploring Halle in this fancy new way!

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